2024 Festival

Destigmatizing Postpartum Depression (PPD): The Podcast


Amanda Murray, Meghan Law, Perlvi Pukin


"Welcome to our podcast, where we offer
understanding and support to new parents
facing PPD. Tailored to new parents, we aim to
provide insights and strategies for navigating
the challenges of forming intimate connections
while addressing the impact of PPD on parent infant
attachment and parental health. As
student nurses passionate about parental
health, we want to empower listeners with
information on PPD learning needs, coping
mechanisms, and stigma, fostering a safe
space for exploration and guidance. Join us as
we promote parental well-being and strengthen
parent-infant bonds."

Anna Krasnoshapka:

Very nice project! I enjoyed a lot reading about PPD, how to cope with it and how to bring back parents' well-being.

Anonymous User:

Great idea. The change in feelings, especially of mothers, after childbirth is immeasurable. It is very encouraging for new mothers and fathers to have someone who understands and supports their anxiety about childcare after a physically demanding birth

Anonymous User:

Great project. It is great to see students passionate about a topic that effects so many.