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What a Sonographer Considers to Ensure Patients Get the Right Exam in the Right Place


Sarah Hunter, Maia Rudman, Jamie Ashcroft, Delaney O'Toole


This interactive ultrasound course is tailored to educate you on why ordering the right exam is pertinent to providing your patient with the best care possible. We want to explore with you what happens when the exam ordered doesn't match the patient's history.


Ultrasound exams can be performed in a variety of locations, depending on the patient's history and acuity, the type of equipment available, and the quality of images desired. Explore the ICU with us from the Echocardiographer's point of view! Click on the images to explore "hot spots" around the ICU.


The Emergency Department is one of the most important places for the Interprofessional Team to work together effectively. Many patients will receive ultrasound or echocardiography as part of their diagnostic workup. Click on the "hot spots" to learn more about how the Interprofessional team works together under pressure.